Advisory Committee

EHC Pioneers: Ina Bray, Julianne Kumasaka, Joann Nicon, Heidi Herrmann, Rosanne Royer, JoAnne Rudo, Raquel Orbegozo, Bettie Luke, Ali San, and Yasemin San, respectively. Photo courtesy of Gary Benson.

In early 2015, a passionate group, well-versed in the history and potential of the Ethnic Heritage Council,  joined together to form the Advisory Committee. This Committee includes founding EHC members, former Board of Directors, long-time EHC activists, and individuals who have made significant contributions to their own ethnic communities as well as the community at large. With a focus on EHC’s founding vision and goals, the purpose of this group is to share knowledge and facilitate an ongoing dialogue among diverse groups despite regional differences; present forums, workshops and exhibits; and demonstrate how communities may preserve their heritage for future generations.

The current members of the Advisory Committee are: Bud Bard, Martha Cohen, Peter Davenport, Mary Hsu, John Keane, Peter Lam, Sue McNab, John Morovich, Karoline Morrison, Joann Nicon, Elka Rouskov, JoAnne Rudo, Ali San and Patrinell “Pat” Wright.