Gordon Ekvall Tracie Memorial Award

Gordon Ekvall Tracie Memorial Award
David Lamb (left), representing the Skandia Music Foundation and presenter of the 2016 Gordon Ekvall Tracie Memorial Award to the Morovich Family of the Croatian community: Cathryn Morovich, Joanne Morovich Abdo, and John Morovich, with Rosanne Royer, EHC Board member. Photo by Gary Benson.
The Gordon Ekvall Tracie Memorial Award was established in 1990. It recognizes an ethnic performing artist(s) for excellence in ethnic performance and for his or her significant contributions to the development and presentation of the traditional cultural arts in the Pacific Northwest. It is presented at the Ethnic Heritage Council’s Annual Meeting.
2016 The Morovich Family: Cathryn Morovich, JoAnne Morovich Abdo, and John Morovich
2015 Warren Chang and Buyun Zhao
2014 Sidney Deering
2012 Swil Kanim
2011 Omar Batiste
2010 Luis Gramal
2009 Nat V. Raman
2008 Dr. Ratna Mukherjee Roy
2007 Rubina Carmona
2006 Melody Wenying Xie
2005 Arthur W. C. Nation
2004 Jiyeon Cheh
2003 Roger R. Del Rosario
2002 Mary Mariko Ohno
2001 Bruce Miller “Subiyay”
2000 Sara Contreras
1999 Henry Louie
1998 Kofi Anang
1997 Allan Swensson
1995 Ken Jackson – Grey Eagle
1994 Prabha Rustagi
1991 Patrinell Wright
1990 Ruben Sierra